Tree Trimming & Pruning in Portland, ME

Tree trimming is a fundamental component of tree health. Unfortunately, many novices and non-reputable services will harm your trees in one of two ways. One, they will suggest that you don’t need trimming, which is objectively untrue because nearly all species of trees benefit from a consistent and thorough trim. Two, they will offer to do the job however, they will do so in an ineffective way. Tree trimming is actually a delicate art that requires attention to detail and scientific knowledge. All of our team members at Portland Tree Service are knowledgeable regarding how to trim. Our team members can trim your trees in a way that promotes growth and balance. After all, an unbalanced tree can cause a myriad of problems. We have had clients come to us before claiming that the lawn underneath their tree wouldn’t grow. What they failed to see was quite simple but easy to miss when you’re not trained to spot it. The tree was covering a significant portion of their lawn with oppressive shade. The grass underneath it could not grow. A simple trim to the tree and redistribution of energy fixed this problem. 

Portland Tree Service recommends that you have your trees cut at least three times a year. That is enough for your trees to have healthy, maintained growth. The more that you keep on top of your tree’s health, the less you will have to call in tree-related problems. Our arborists can work on all kinds of different species and know how to regulate their growth advantageously. A lot of self-proclaimed experts will miss this fact, so be sure to do your research into a company before retaining their services. Fortunately, when you search our company on the web, you will find countless reviews attesting to our expert-level tree trimming. Many of our customers sing our praises and credit us for getting their trees back on track. 

Let’s go ahead and talk pruning because it’s an attractive option for those who aren’t looking for a full-on trimming job. Let’s consider for a moment that you don’t have a yard full of trees. Maybe you only have a small yard that has a few trees within its premise. Tree trimming seems a little excessive, particularly because your trees are on the smaller side. If this sounds like you, we have a foolproof solution guaranteed to better suit your needs, and that’s pruning. Pruning is a perfect alternative to trimming because it’s less invasive, less expensive, and far less time-consuming. We don’t need any heavy-duty equipment to prune your yard. Because pruning is less invasive, we do recommend that you prune a bit more regularly than you would trim. However, we highly recommend pruning for those who don’t have the needs that trimming can fulfill. 

We encourage that you reach out to us today to schedule your quarterly trimming service. We are currently offering incentives to those who book in advance. Whether you make one appointment today or get yours lined up for the rest of the year, Portland Tree Service encourages you to get proactive. If you’re wondering about pricing, we can help determine an estimate when you call.  Investing in your trees now is the key to long-term success. Go ahead, and make your neighbors envious of your lawn.

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