Tree Removal in Portland, ME

A reputable tree provider will inform you of the importance of tree removal.  Whether you are a homeowner or a business owner, your landscaping should be considered one of the most maintained parts of your premises. In part, this is because you want your premises to look good, which can be extremely beneficial for your mood as well as the mood of the people who share the same space with you. However, it’s worth noting that there are also other reasons to make sure that your landscaping looks as good as possible. For example, a well-manicured landscape can be the make or break factor of a home sale. Home sellers don’t often realize just how valuable a well-maintained lawn can be. 

It is for that reason that Portland Tree Service highly encourages all of our clients to look into tree removal. We understand that sometimes our clients get attached to their trees, especially if you have a tree of particular grandeur. However, what happens when that tree suddenly becomes overbearing and poses a threat to your delicate ecosystem? What happens when that tree could potentially cause you immense structural damage?

Our clients often worry about costs associated with tree removal. Naturally, this is a valid concern. But we promise no amount of tree removal will ever rival the cost of having to replace your roof. Take into consideration how delicate your home is, and how devastating a rouge tree crashing down would be? 

While it is paramount to eliminate any imminent threats, tree removal can be a lot less pressing. We often have clients call us with questions about a decaying tree they’re struggling to keep alive. Trees are, by virtue, incredible organisms, and can typically regulate their health. That’s why we usually don’t try to recommend nursing a tree back to health if it’s clearly in a state of decay. These attempts are often futile and frankly expensive. Tree removal is a plausible alternative to letting a tree die out, particularly because that tree’s death can have an impact on the rest of your lawn. Decay is always a risk factor for vermin and other insects to invade your space. Do not wait for your tree to fall victim to a disease before extracting it. 

There are certain risk factors for tree removal, which is why you should always hire a reputable provider like Portland Tree Service. You must use the proper equipment for tree removal to avoid serious injury. Especially if that tree is in a state of decay or is very old. You never know how a tree is going to react to equipment, and that’s why you should trust a certified arborist to complete the job. We implore you not to be fooled by companies that say they can remove your trees rapidly and at a small cost. There is usually some sort of caveat to these claims, and failure to remove a tree properly can result in expensive property damage. Always verify the plans of your tree expert, and ensure you trust them to work on your lawn.

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