Stump Grinding & Removal in Portland, ME

Stump grinding is an intricate job in terms of power but also in expertise. Stump removal and wood chipping requires heavy-duty professional equipment and is not something that a homeowner should attempt on his or her own. Furthermore, there is no safe way to perform stump grinding without heavy-duty equipment. Whether you choose to grind a stump, or completely extract the stump roots and all, you will need a reputable company. 

Portland Tree Service is your premier stump grinding expert, here to safely and thoroughly remove these inconveniences. We recently sunk over 15k into top-pedigree machinery. Please note that stump grinding equipment is inherently expensive, which is also why you’ll want to have a tree service do the job for you. A lot of our prospective clients will ask if we will remove a stump, even if we weren’t the ones to remove the tree. The answer to that question is yes! We recommend that you retain our services even if we didn’t remove the tree. We have expertly worked on countless stump grinding jobs and restored plenty of lawns to perfection in the process. We are constantly raising the bar and trying to outdo ourselves with each project we undertake. Let us show you how we became the top-rated Portland tree service three years in a row!

It’s important to differentiate the two methods of stump grinding because they’re both quite different. Before we begin, it’s worth mentioning that most people recommend stump grinding. The reasons why are pretty clear cut. Let’s start with the simple fact that it’s far more economical. When you choose to grind the stump, all that needs to be done is a thorough pulverize of that stump. From there, the stump will naturally decay into the ground, leaving behind no trace amounts of the tree. This is a great way to eliminate a massive eyesore without having to disrupt your foundation. It’s far less expensive, takes a lot less manpower, and is very practical. That said, it is not always possible to grind a stump. Sometimes a stump is just too far embedded into the ground. Older stumps are also a lot harder to grind down because the wood is usually a lot harder. In which case a total extraction is going to be necessary. The good thing about extraction is that it eliminates the stump. You also get to attack the root system from the ground up. However, you will find yourself spending a lot more money. Extraction also takes a lot more time, and more experts to navigate the process. Regardless of what route you choose to go, our experts can do both to your satisfaction, no questions asked. We understand the nuances of working with tree stumps and have a proven track record of expert stump removal.

Perhaps you’re on the fence about whether or not to remove a stump. We do often have clients in this position contemplating their options. A lot of clients think that a stump is relatively harmless. While there’s decidedly truth in that line of thinking, it doesn’t account for these issues. Trunks can be magnets for vermin and other insects. Insects love decaying wood and will take over stumps in a heartbeat. Another reason to get rid of a stump has to do with overall value. Any reputable realtor will tell you that stumps will decrease the value of your lawn, especially one in a state of decay.

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