Emergency Tree Service in Portland, ME

Residents of Maine are no stranger to intense storms. We have our fair share of extreme weather to keep things interesting. That said, nobody likes dealing with the aftermath of a severe storm, especially one that plagues your landscape. Following a major storm, you may be shocked to find your lawn in absolute disarray. Portland Tree Service has everything you need for a successful and rapid cleanup. Let’s start with the fact that we offer round-the-clock dispatches to ensure that your vulnerability to a falling tree is not prolonged. After all, the biggest threat that you face post-storm when it comes to trees is having them fall. Trees that fall can cause structural damage and cave through roofs. These are not only costly to repair but will have gigantic implications for your everyday life. 

Our post-storm services are designed with safety in mind. To avoid damage and prioritize safety, we have created a blueprint that helps us decipher where we need to go first. Granted, we have many teams in the field during the post-storm cleanup, who are going from location to location in an attempt to restore balance. Portland Tree Service does prioritize our code red clients during this time. We classify our code red clients as those who are currently at risk of having a tree cause irrevocable damage. If you are concerned about a tree crumbling your structure, you’re in our immediate crosshairs. If your cleanup does not involve an imminent threat but is still a lofty undertaking, we classify you as code yellow. Bear in mind that everyone will be attended to, but we must neutralize threats before anything else. Our teams will be working around the clock, and that means you will be seen quickly. 

We need to discuss a few safety measures before going further. For one, if you notice that a tree on your property is intersecting with a powerline, please be cautious. Powerlines pose huge threats and can be incredibly dangerous if you’re not careful. Even if the power is currently out in your home, under no circumstance should you try and investigate anything electrical. When you call to retain our services, we ask that you please alert us to any electrical issues immediately. Powerlines will dictate how we plan to attack your trees. Sometimes this requires us to bring a certified lineman to your job. Whatever the case may be, the more details you can provide us with, the better.   

Our post-storm services prioritize trees in compromising positions, but that is far from the entirety of what we do. A post-storm cleanup is as much about practicality as it is aesthetics. During a post-storm cleanup, we will clear your lot, removing any and all debris left behind. A lot of times clients will find their wood chippings to be depleted, we will happily bring those to a job upon request. Portland Tree Service would like to thank the people of Portland for trusting us to help you in post-storm madness. We are happy to serve our community and are continually impressed by the people who help restore it to glory following adversity.

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