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Tree Service in Portland, ME

Picture of the owner of the tree company in Portland, MEWe are Portland Tree Service, your premier choice for all of your tree needs. We are a group of certified arborists with a combined 50 years of experience, here to help you achieve all of your landscaping goals at a reasonable price point. Portland Tree Service is your Portland tree service of choice, offering everything from tree trimming to the safe removal of large parcels. In our twenty years of operation, we have never forgotten the customers who put us in business. Even the local media agrees that Portland Tree Service is your best tree service Portland ME option!  What sets our company apart you may ask? We believe in the simple principle of putting our customers first. We are merely here to do the heavy work for your landscaping vision. We believe in pairing your landscaping vision with our expertise. Our tree specialists are here to help you by providing you with accurate and sensible information pertinent to making informed decisions about your trees. Together we will create a plan for your landscape, factoring in your aesthetic wishes at every step. Portland Tree Service understands that our work is directly reflected in the way that your landscape appears. Because of this, we approach every job with precision and caution. We are happy to show you how we became the tree service Portland ME, locals trust above all others.

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We are eternally grateful for our clientele and their consistent advocacy for Portland Tree Service both online and in person. Many of our clients have spoken positively about our one-of-a-kind tree trimming Portland ME service. Portland Tree Service has revolutionized residential tree trimming. As a part of our environmental sustainability initiative, we have partnered with other local organizations to lower our carbon footprint by disposing of the debris in ways that repurpose them when possible. We work hard by creating long term benefits for our community. After all, the quality of our community is directly related to how well we take care of it. Portland Tree Service not only takes care of but takes pride, in our city. No matter who you ask, when it comes to the best Portland tree service, you are guaranteed to hear the locals go to bat for you. Don’t just take our word for it. You will find a generous amount of positive reviews on third party sites such as Yelp, Home Advisor, and Google Reviews. These reviews are evidence of our unparalleled work ethic, exceptional customer service, and consistent professionalism. Our dedication to bringing you top-tier service is what solidified us as the tree service Portland ME citizens trust without question. When you hire our company, you are retaining the services of the top-rated tree provider in Portland. We value your opinions and are constantly looking for ways to improve. That’s why we offer discounts for tree removal Portland ME residents can claim when they leave a review of Portland Tree Service on Yelp or Google. We appreciate your honest feedback and are always looking for ways that we can improve. Call us today to set up an appointment, and you’ll quickly see how we became the unparalleled Portland tree service of choice. 

Why You Need A Professional

Portland Tree Service is a family-owned and operated business that first opened its doors twenty years ago. While the ownership has since changed, the principles we use to govern our company are the exact same. In the two decades of operation, our company has expanded in astronomical ways. We began as a small business and most of our services were residential tree trimming Portland ME located gigs. Back then, we regularly had to compete with larger, more established companies. However, we never lost sight of what made us unique, and that is our genuine love for trees. We do this work because we enjoy it, and have always worked hard to employ team members who feel similarly. We take immense pride in our practices which is also why we invest in state-of-the-art machinery. With invested team members and technologically advanced equipment, Portland Tree Service has found its winning hand. Our values further translate into our safety-first business model. Quick and efficient service is imperative to our business, but will never eclipse our need for safety. Whether the gig is tree trimming or tree removal Portland ME residents know safety is our top priority. 

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Picture from our tree climber looking down while in a tree doing tree trimming in Portland, MEPortland Tree Service was founded by Maine residents who grew up in the Portland area. Because of this, we have a deeply ingrained understanding of the vegetation in our area. All of our employees undergo extensive training regarding native species and their specific needs. When it comes to our employees, we are incredibly strict about our hiring practices. All of our team members have at least two years of experience and demonstrate expertise in tree trimming and removal. Regardless of which team members show up, we guarantee they know how to properly perform tree removal Portland ME residents can trust. Here’s what you can expect when you work with us. Before we get started, we will assess the tree in question and decipher the correct service. From there, we will ask you about your preferences for preservation and aesthetics. Following our conversation, we will offer a walkthrough consultation free of cost. A walkthrough enables us to assess your entire property and pinpoint any other potential problems. Check out our basic services and subsequent service pages for more information regarding our offerings.

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We are happy to further discuss any of our services at your convenience. Please bear in mind that our best assessments are done on-site. We are also sensitive to potential financial limitations and are willing to provide discounts when we can. Is your property looking like it could be the backdrop of a horror movie? We are currently offering comprehensive clean up packages for your yard. Our seasonal preparation packages are an excellent way to get your lawn ready for weather changes. Please note that all of our services are available at both residential and commercial properties.

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    Portland Tree Service would like to take a moment to address concerns regarding finances. As we previously mentioned, we are willing to offer discounts and incentives especially when it comes to our package deals. That said, we pride ourselves on bringing our customers the most technologically advanced services. We also invest a considerable amount of our profit back into our machinery and training seminars for our team members. Because Portland Tree Service refuses to compromise on equipment and training, our customers will find we may not be the most affordable tree trimming Portland ME operation. However, we are confident our competitors can not match our capabilities. We will only use state-of-the-art equipment, especially equipment that is safe. Even so, we want to help drive your costs down. Ask us about our referral discounts that will help both you and a friend! 

    Picture of our crew member cutting a tree with a chainsaw doing a tree trimming and cutting in Portland, METree Removal: Tree removal is a popular service that we provide for residential and commercial properties. We also offer same-day service for those who are concerned about their immediate safety. When it comes to tree removal, if a tree looks like it’s moments away from crashing into your roof, that’s when you call Portland Tree Service. Our team can remove any tree regardless of age, size, and species. Different trees may require a longer removal time, but the end goal remains the same. We will leave your lawn looking immaculate and remove the trees that currently pose a threat. 

    Let’s go ahead and quickly discuss pricing. A lot of our clients express concern about expenses. Naturally, tree removal can be expensive especially when working with a particularly hazardous tree. That said, tree removal is usually a lot less expensive than having to repair your roof from damage inflicted by a downed tree. What you invest in today may save you thousands of dollars at a later date. When we remove a tree, we look at a few factors. Trees that are older, bigger, and anatomically compromised, will cost more money to extract. For expert tree removal you’ll be looking at a quote anywhere from $400 to $2,000. 

    Tree Trimming: Tree trimming is chronically underutilized. Never, ever trust a tree service that doesn’t recommend the occasional trim. Nearly all tree species benefit from some degree of grooming. Tree care novices will often think that they can trim a tree by themselves. Too many people will find themselves carelessly removing branches without any consideration for how this affects the tree. Let’s refer to an important fact. The way that you cut a tree will affect the way that that tree grows. A perfectly healthy tree can meet an untimely death if you cut it without any discretion. Our experts know how to trim a tree, positioning it for optimal success. Don’t go about it by yourself, our tree trimming services are inexpensive and excellent. 

    Tree trimming is one of our most affordable services! We also offer discounts for those who want to plan their trimming sessions for a year. We guarantee you will see some pretty incredible results from just a few sessions throughout the year. Trees that have not been groomed in a while are going to be a lot more costly. On the contrary, if you stay up to date with your appointments, tree sessions become a lot easier and quicker to complete. We also offer pruning services for those who have fewer trees or needless intervention. 

    Picture of a stump removal equipment removing an old stump in Portland, ME.Stump Grinding: Let’s set the record straight. Tree removal does not include the removal of the stump. While we do offer two-in-one packages for removal, there is a lot that goes into the removal of a stump. Stump removal is usually gone about in two different ways. We almost always recommend grinding because it is a lot less expensive and requires fewer team members. Grinding a stump allows for easy and even decay, as the remnants merge with the ground. Grinding also helps prevent further disruption to your landscape. However, if a stump is damaged or very old, it might need to be extracted. Root systems are complex, and in some scenarios, they need to be annihilated. Don’t worry about deciphering which option is better for you, we will be your guiding star. 

    Storm Cleanup:  Storm cleanup is arguably one of the most important services that we provide. We understand that a post-storm landscape can be at best jarring and at worst dangerous. Our experts are here to help restore your lawn to its harmonious state and do so in the safest way possible. Our storm cleanup is around the clock service. Our teams are dispatched on a rotating schedule, but we always have a team out in the field. 

    When you call us for storm cleanup, please remember that many others will be retaining our services. Being the top Portland tree service doesn’t come without its demands. Nevertheless, community outreach is vitally important to us, and we want to help you in any way possible. We strongly recommend that you investigate your lawn beyond a basic sweep. We will clean up the damage, regardless of how taxing the job may be. Our only request is that you do not investigate any tree that is interfering with a powerline. Even if the power is out, electrical currents can still be present. Do not touch a downed tree after a major storm! 

    Other Services: In the past twenty years we have expanded exponentially. We now offer just about any tree service, and that includes all sorts of planting operations. We also provide many of Portland’s local parks with tree services and have spearheaded several local planting projects. Our team members are well revered for their fusions of practicality and creativity. We also offer the following:

    • Land Cleaning
    • Lot Clearing
    • Brush Removal
    • Wood Chipping
    • Tree Fertilization 
    • Tree Planting

    For those of you who are interested in beginning large tree beautification projects, we are here at your beck and call! Our team members are here to help bring your vision to life. Whether

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